Top Professional Bathtub Reglazing in Clearwater

If you’ve recently purchased an older home in Clearwater and the bathrooms aren’t quite as nice as you’d like, you don’t need to spend thousands replacing all your bathroom fixtures. There is a better and more affordable alternative that’s also better for the environment.

Bathtub refinishing and reglazing is a specialty skill that takes experience to do properly, but is the better choice when remodeling any bathroom. But be careful to choose a professional company that takes pride in its work. In Clearwater that company is Bathtub Refinishing Specialist. Our family-owned and operated company sends only highly-qualified, consummate pros to give your bathroom fixtures a second life. When we’re finished, you’ll think you bought brand new!

Expert Bathtub Refinishing

Some companies do sloppy work and don’t use the highest grade materials or the latest technology. We do! We take pride in our work and you can see the beautiful results within 48 hours. Our website has photo after photo of reglazing excellence. Our clients are always thrilled with the result.

We offer a full range of services including bathtub refinishing, bathtub reglazing, tub and tile refinishing, cabinet refinishing, and countertop refinishing. There’s no reason to gut your bathroom when we can transform it and save you thousands of dollars.

Contact Us – The Reglazing Specialists

Our friendly team is waiting to provide you with more information about our range of services. Contact us today and let us refurbish your fixtures for a fraction of the replacement price.