Top 5 Reasons to Reglaze

Top 5 Reasons to Reglaze

There comes a time the homeowner knows or feels that the bathroom needs a serious makeover. On this instance, replacing or better yet… re-glazing is definitely the best option. Naturally, one needs to take several factors into consideration before making a decision. There are some situations that warrant replacement and there is no way around that, but other issues should just be sort with reglazing the bathtub and/or tiles.

For a while now, not many homeowners have had much information on re-glazing, eventually incurring unnecessary costs that would have rather been reduced. But with the availability of re-glazing techniques it ensures the bathtub gets a sparkly new appearance in the shortest time possible; makes it the most viable option for many clientele who need their bathrooms refurbished.

Re-glazing involves a process that one needs experience to perfect; it can only be professionally done by an expert. To follow are 5 critical reasons why a homeowner chooses to re-glaze instead of replace the tub or tiles.

  1. It’s Cheap 

When the tub is not seriously damaged, replacing the whole piece doesn’t make much sense than if it was just a re-glaze that can take probably a day maximum depending on the size. It’s obviously cheaper to re-glaze considering the cost of buying the tub and the whole process of installation. Not considering the whole process of removing the old pieces.

  1. Time conscious 

Considering how busy life can get and with the daily routines  that is more demanding of one’s time, it’s almost impossible to spare more than a couple of days on replacing the tab or tiles and that is why many homeowners prefer to have their bathrooms refurbished.

  1. It’s professional  

In these crazy economic times, even though money may not be an issue; making wise decisions is very important. The whole process of removing the tub or tiles in order to install a new one is quite intense. Nevertheless the whole re-glazing process is quite professional you can’t easily tell the difference.

  1. It’s Easier 

With just a few requirements that will be needed for the process, it’s a single person’s task. Basically, the process involves several steps that include cleaning, applying the adhesive and finally spraying the glaze. The intensity of the whole process may vary depending on the nature of the tub. All in all, the process isn’t labor intensive and can easily be done with anyone provided he or she understands how it’s done professionally. So as to avoid minor issues or complications that may arise due to ignorance of details that an expert would simply know of because of his experience, its best when the homeowner outsources for such services.

  1. It’s Economical

The major benefit of a re-glaze is the fact that the homeowner can do it as many times as possible. Replacing your bathtub or tile quite as often won’t seem economical and thus the need for the re-glaze.  The tub can serve a few more decades unless it gets very seriously cracked or broken that a replacement is the only option, always re-glaze.

Sometimes the homeowner may get confused as to what type of damage warrants for a refurbishment or a replacement, dealing with a professional who will give better analysis can be helpful especially if the makeover needs to have a professional finish.



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