Money-Saving Bathtub Refinishing in Bradenton

When you purchase an older home sometimes the fixtures have seen better days. They can have cracks or unsightly stains. You’re hesitant to have houseguests because your fixtures aren’t looking their best. Well, we have a solution for you that’s more affordable than remodeling your bathrooms. We can save you thousands and have you ready to show off your home to family and friends.

We’re Bathtub Refinishing Specialist and we’ve been helping homeowners save thousands in remodeling costs all across the greater Tampa Bay area. We can help you too! Our advanced technology and high-quality materials combined with expert workmanship will leave your bathrooms looking brand new!

Tampa’s Reglazing Specialists

By reglazing your fixures instead of hauling them to a landfill, you’re also doing Mother Nature a favor. The less unsightly and slow-deteriorating fixtures at the dump the better! You can know that you’ve done your part to protect the planet as you improve your home.

We also provide other services that can save you thousands as you upgrade the rooms in your house. We offer professional bathtub reglazing, tub and tile refinishing, cabinet refinishing, and countertop refinishing. We’re the partner you need to restore every fixture so it looks brand new.

Contact Us – The Reglazing Professionals

There’s no better time to make your home more beautiful! Our friendly team is waiting to assist you with more details about our array of services or to schedule a fixture assessment. Contact us today and let’s begin transforming your home.