Bathtub Reglazing Specialist Inc.


Top Ten List of Rules For Your Refinished Bathtub

Below is a list of rules and guidelines for care and maintenance of  your finished and reglazed surfaces.

  1. It is important not to use the surface for the specified number of days or hours which we will indicate at the completion of the job (as each surface and job will require a different cure time).
  2. Never leave soap or bottles directly on the finished surface
  3. Leaky faucets cause erosion, it is important to repair as soon as possible
  4. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners, do not use scouring pads or powders (such as SOS or softscrub)
  5. Some gentle cleaners we recommend are:
    1. Lysol
    2. Mr. Clean
    3. Pine-Sol
    4. Fantastik
  6. Loose bath mats with suctions can also ruin your freshly refinished surface
  7. Surface dust is normal and will disappear with normal cleaning and usage within 3-4 weeks. Never smudge it or wipe it with your finger. Call us if it has been longer than 1 month and your are still seeing surface dust.
  8. Each time you use your tub, it us good practice to wipe it down with a towel. It doesn’t have to be dry, but it removes standing water.
  9. Maintaining  caulking around your tub is also good practice to ensure longer lasting results.
  10. You should also consider waxing your tub once every 4-5 months with a urethane polish such as turtle Wax. We also recommend you polish your bathtub 5 days after it has been reglazed.

The following types of abrasive cleaners should never be used on your reglazed/refinished bathroom surfaces:

  • Comet
  • Ajax
  • Soft Scrub
  • SOS Pads (Steel Wool)
  • Any Course Scuff Pads

You should never leave chemical products sitting on the surface coating for soaking or other methods of deep cleaning. They may discolor or deteriorate the coating. If you must use them, rinse immediately after use. Chemical products such as:

  • Peroxides
  • Bleach
  • Acids (Professional drain cleaners)
  • Strong Alkaline (Drano, type drain cleaners)
  • Ammonia

There is really no need to use abrasive cleaners on refinished bathtubs, as the surfaces are non-porous. Most household liquid detergent/cleaning agents will give excellent results.