Bathtubs, Showers & Tile




Many people don’t realize just what a perfect finish can be achieved with reglazing. Your bathtub, shower, and tiles can look brand new within 24-48 hours. Refinishing is more affordable and environmentally-friendly than replacing old fixtures. You’ll have an updated bathroom without the costly renovation in a very short amount of time.

Imagine taking the traditional route: workers come into your home and remove every fixture and tile from your bathroom. What a mess! And the cost to replace those old fixtures can break the bank. Why not opt for the faster, easier method that lets you avoid the cost and mess while giving you the look of a newly remodeled bathroom?

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing are:

·        No more discolored or peeling grout

·        Easy to keep clean

·        Smooth, pristine surface

·        Mold and mildew are gone forever

·        Quick project completion without the mess and disruption

Along with basic colors like white, bone, and biscuit, custom colors are available upon request. We have the expertise and experience to refinish or reglaze any fixture, countertop, or cabinet in your bathroom or kitchen.

Our results speak for themselves! Clients are thrilled when they see the beautiful results of our professional reglazing. We deliver excellence every time and only use the highest-grade materials and latest technology on every job.

Many reglazing companies promise great results but don’t deliver because they lack professionalism and dedication to the craft. We pride ourselves on giving you the perfect result you deserve with a smile.

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