How do I take care of a freshly reglazed/refinished tub or tile surface?


Many budget conscious people choose reglazing over remodeling the bathroom to save thousands of dollars. It is a wise move if you always think before spending money as reglazing costs a fraction of the price of remodeling and hardly takes a day to be wrapped up. When you invest your time and money on reglazing of your bathtub or tile surface, you will want to be extra cautious in regards to proper care and maintenance.  There are certain methods and suggestions that you should follow after reglazing is complete.


Avoid using the area before it dries

Though advance planning may be necessary, it is suggestible to not use the room for at least 24 hours after completion to avoid dust and dirt to get into the wet surface and for proper setting of the glaze.  By allowing the full amount of time to dry and set, you will be assured your surface will last.


Proper cleaning of the area

Regardless of taking precautionary measures, some of the dust particles might get collected over the newly glazed tub or tile surface. All you need to do is gently cleanse the surface with a soft sponge.   This will remove the dirt and the surface will shine just as any other newly finished bathtub or tile.


Refrain from chemicals

The reglazed area should be kept away from harsh chemicals such as tile cleaner, heavy soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and other acidic compounds as this may cause the stain to the surface badly affecting the reglazing.


Avoid prolonged water accumulation

You should not let water collect over the surface at any point of time. If it does not disappear quickly, you should towel dry it. This caution must be taken for a few weeks because prolonged water accumulation might disturb the uniformity of the surface.


For better understanding of how you need to treat your new surface, you should make a note of the following Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DON’T use the area for specified period of time as indicated by your  professional reglazing company
  • DON’T use harsh chemicals and scrubbers to clean the surface, rather rely upon soft sponges and mild cleaners to avoid scratches and retain the lustrous finish.
  • DON’T use suction mats because they could cause a negative reaction when in contact with the new surface.
  • DON’T put cosmetics, cleansers or disinfectants on the surface for the stipulated time period as the chemicals will harm the reglazing work resulting in the irregular finish.
  • DO ensure the proper maintenance of your faucets as a leakage will create havoc on your new surface.
  • DO remember to wipe off the bathtub and the surface after every use to increase its durability.
  • DO wax the bath tub after two weeks of the refinishing and then in every four to six months. A thin layer of auto wax should be applied on the clean and dry surface.


In order to maintain the freshly completed look of your reglazed tub or tiles, be sure to follow the aforementioned guidelines and you will have a surface that will look fantastic for years to come.